Labor Moving

Even if you have only a couple of items to move, we always recommend hiring experienced help for moving furniture. No matter if those are bigger or smaller items, you need to have careful movers who know how to handle any specific piece of your belongings. Furniture moving companies are specialized for that. Besides only loading or unloading your items, they are protecting everything and preparing it for the transportation process. If you are in need of just labor movers, contact us today and hear our free moving quote.

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Why are we considered the best moving company in Philadelphia

We do not settle for anything but the best, that is why we hire only experts. In the beginning of our journey we realized that professionalism and respect is the key to a perfect move.

We respect our customers and they respect us for our dedication and always professional attitude.

Loading your truck / POD

If you need additional packing service, we got you covered too. If you need just balor movers, we will protect everything additionally and carefully load it and arrange it in your truck. We will make sure that all of your belongings are ready for the transportation.

Unloading your truck / POD

Although the items are already packed, we will protect the more fragile items one more time. Everything will be unloaded with special care and dedication.

Swapping furniture within your apartment

We will take care of your belongings with special care, even though we are not moving them from your home. It will require heavy lifting and our movers are specially trained for those kind of services.

Moving within the same building or an apartment complex

It is not much different from any other regular move. Our careful movers will make sure that everything is done efficiently and without any damages.

One item moving

It is always better to hire professionals to deal with the moves, therefore, we will prepare only the most experienced just labor movers in the area. They will carefully move the item and make sure that it remains untacked.

Family unpacking cardboard boxes

Even if your items are not leaving your home, we will still make sure that everything is safe and moved efficiently

Our company is pretty straight forward. We provide the most professional help with moving furniture and our prices are very affordable. Our services are fast and efficient, that is why our clients remain to use our services several times.

According to our online reviews, our just labor movers are not just efficient. They are dedicated to every aspect of your move, they are friendly and communicative and their services are professional. They will not waste any time and they will plan every part of your move carefully. You can just relax and let our movers do their job the best that they know.